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STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING:   Developing conceptual systems, reviewing & short listing final option, detailed engineering, structural specifications, Proof Checking / Technical Audit
STRUCTURAL STRENGHTENING / RETROFITTING:   Physical onsite assessment, assessment of residual strength of structures, strategic planning for strengthening / retrofitting, selection of suitable materials and techniques, specifications
RAIN WATER HARVESTING:   Developing conceptual design to suit site / project, detailed design & specification
SUSTAINABLE & GREEN BUILDING DESIGNS:   Incorporation of suitable design philosophy into project design, selection & adoption of suitable technologies, systems and materials with focus on sustainable development
CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENT:   Time & Cost control, Contract management, Quality Assurance and Project Documentation, it includes complete life-cycle of the project namely pre-construction, construction and post-construction till handing over
VALUATION OF LAND & BUILDINGS:   For Loan / Insurance and Tax Purposes
RESEARCH AND DOCUMENTATION:   Of various failures and Case studies